The Truest Pleasure Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Pa want his children to experience a Pentecostal service, and what does the Baptist preacher say about people who attend these events?

Ginny attends her first Pentecostal church service with her father. The preacher is the son of the Pentecostal preacher Pa remembers from his time in prison. The regular Baptist preacher in town claims that these Pentecostal revivals, or brush arbor services, are just rot and that anyone who attends them may lose their letters at the Baptist church, but Ginny's Pa doesn't care. He wants his family to experience the Spirit first hand.

2. Describe how the Peace family members react to the spirit at the revival.

At the service, however, Ginny is completely drawn in by Preacher McKinney's dynamic sermon and she feels all her troubles and sadness melting away. Joe, despite his stutter, begins shouting out praises to the preacher, and Lily begins shaking and rolling the sawdust on the ground. Lily's reaction to the service has a real effect on the narrator, Ginny, because Lily is usually a prideful, vain woman. Everyone else in the family is having an extreme reaction to the service, even Pa, who has tears streaming down his cheeks.

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