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Brush Arbor

These are small tiki hut-like tents that are built in the woods for Pentecostal worship services.


This is the day Christians celebrate as the day when the Holy Spirit came down from heaven in the form of tongues of flame that hovered above the heads of the disciples.

Sunset Rock

This is the place Ginny named as a child, on the west side of the property overlooking where the sun sets.

The Happyland Colony

This is a Pentecostal church started by a group of freed slaves.


This is what Pa loses before the family goes out huckleberry picking.


A disease that claimed many lives during the time in which this novel is set.

Cholly Morbis

This is a sickness that comes from overheating.


This is what the doctors in the novel regularly prescribe to their patients, regardless of age, gender, or ailments...

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