The Truest Pleasure Character Descriptions

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Ginny Peace

When she has her first experience with Spirit possession at a Pentecostal church service, she finds that this type of worship is her new passion.

Tom Powell

He is described as being stocky, strong, perpetually red-faced from working in the fields, with a strong mouth framed by a blond mustache.

Florrie Peace

She is described as tall, beautiful, flirtatious, and funny; everywhere she goes, attention follows her.


Although he is present in most of the family scenes - he loves to hunt and fish with his brothers-in-law - he begins to disappear from the story halfway through when he falls ill.

Joe Peace

He suffers from a stutter, is a devout Pentecostal and spends his days in the woods praying.

Lily Peace

She is considered to be very prim, vain, and hypocritical and always wears a new dress when she goes to church.

Thurman Johnson

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