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Chapter One

• Ginny Peace attends her first Pentecostal church service with her father because he wants his family to experience the Spirit firsthand; Ginny's siblings Florrie and Joe and Joe's girlfriend, Lily, also attend.

• At the service, Ginny claims that she only wants to observe because she does not want people to see her rolling around on the ground.

• Ginny is completely drawn in by the preacher and watches Lily roll in the sawdust on the ground.

• Everyone else in the family is having a strong reaction to the service, even Pa, who has tears running down his cheeks.
• Ginny suddenly feels her body rise up and she is propelled down the aisle as she speaks in a tongue she does not understand.

• As the service comes to a close, it becomes obvious that someone has set fire to the revival tent.

• Ginny is embarrassed by her behavior...

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