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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of reception does the Surprise receive?
(a) Hostile.
(b) Wildly enthusiastic.
(c) Mixed.
(d) Friendly.

2. For what reason do Clarissa and Maturin go ashore together?
(a) To study the local flora and fauna.
(b) To replenish medical supplies.
(c) To seek a medical shaman.
(d) To seek a herbalogist.

3. Where is the Franklin?
(a) In the area of Moahu.
(b) On her way to Lisbon.
(c) Headed to Port Jackson.
(d) On her way to Amsterdam.

4. Upon whose behalf do Maturin and Aubrey think they must intervene?
(a) Puolani.
(b) Kalahua.
(c) Maliwau.
(d) Dutourd.

5. What does Aubrey plan while at Annamooka?
(a) How to recapture the Trulove.
(b) How to best keep the Southern part of the island friendly to the English.
(c) Ways to drive the French off the island.
(d) How to recall the Trulove to help in ridding the island of the French.

6. What is the name of her place of work?
(a) Scurry, Abbot and Dodge Solicitors.
(b) Mother Abbot's.
(c) The Red Lantern.
(d) The House of Love.

7. Why has Martin avoided Clarissa?
(a) He promises Oakes he would not talk with her.
(b) He feels too much lust for her.
(c) He does not trust her.
(d) He does not like her.

8. What does the Surprise do?
(a) Gets painted black.
(b) Adds a second topsail for speed.
(c) Loads rovisions and water.
(d) Gets five new 48 pounders.

9. To whom does Maturin write a coded letter?
(a) Sir Wallace Birth.
(b) Sir William Nelson.
(c) Sir Joseph Blaine.
(d) Sir Charles White.

10. Why was Clarissa sent to live with a guardian?
(a) She wants to go to a school near his house.
(b) She is orphaned young.
(c) She is not sure.
(d) She is unmanageable.

11. What does Reade do?
(a) Falls and lands on a marlinspike.
(b) Falls overboard.
(c) Falls off the flying bridge.
(d) Falls off the topsail rigging.

12. With whom does Aubrey discuss the situation at Moahu?
(a) Kalahua.
(b) Mobilia.
(c) Maturin.
(d) The Governor.

13. How has Clarissa modified her wedding dress?
(a) She has made it a bit more of a bold cut.
(b) She has made it larger to fit her growing stomach.
(c) She does not change anything since it's her wedding feast.
(d) Into an evening gown.

14. What topic do Aubrey and others at times discuss humorously?
(a) The French pompadour.
(b) The monkeys on the island.
(c) Rabies.
(d) The French uniform.

15. What does Clarissa elicit from the men?
(a) Stories of sea experiences.
(b) A promise to be joint godfather to her and Oakes' child.
(c) The promise that they will protect her with their lives.
(d) Hostile comments.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Edward's problem eventually lead?

2. Who are Wray and Ledward?

3. What is Clarissa's position when she first begins working?

4. Who cries out in admiration for Guy Fawkes?

5. What does Aubrey do to the crew after a storm?

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