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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 and 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Aubrey and Puloani decide to do about the approaching forces led by Kalahua?
(a) Send in an assassin to kill Kalahua.
(b) Allow them the northern half of the island.
(c) Parley with them.
(d) Ambush them.

2. What is Aubrey intending to do?
(a) Marooning Oakes and Clarissa on the Eastern coast of Africa.
(b) Marooning Oakes and Clarissa on Tahiti.
(c) Marooning Oakes and Clarissa on Norfolk Island.
(d) Marooning Oakes and Clarissa on Easter Island.

3. What is the Franklin?
(a) A water hoy.
(b) A small fur-trading vessel.
(c) A heavy American privateer.
(d) A 32-gun French frigate.

4. What are Aubrey and Maturin doing as they sail?
(a) Discussing the war.
(b) Playing whist.
(c) Reading their letters from home.
(d) Playing chess.

5. What island does Maturin hope to visit?
(a) Fuji.
(b) Borneo.
(c) Tahiti.
(d) Wahila.

Short Answer Questions

1. What infuriates Aubrey about the problems Davidge and West have?

2. What does Aubrey learn about Moahu from a local sailor?

3. Who cries out in admiration for Guy Fawkes?

4. What distracts Maturin from his original purpose in going ashore with Clarissa?

5. Where does the Surprise put in?

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