The Truelove Character Descriptions

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Clarissa Oakes nee Harville - This character becomes an orphan early in life and is sent to live with her guardian, a distant relative she refers to as Cousin Edward.

Captain Jack Aubrey - This is a larger-than-life character with charisma and dash and an unchallenged master in his element of the sea.

Stephen Maturin - This character is a quiet man who much prefers the closeness of a study to the attention of others and whose personal expertise lies in the area of medicine.

Tom Pullings - This character is an enthusiastic and optimistic captain, a devoted supporter of Jack Aubrey, and an extremely capable navigator, seaman, and officer.

Reverend Nathaniel Martin - This character is a man of the cloth and devoted to religion, though seamen are notoriously unsympathetic to a parson aboard their ship for superstitious reasons.

Padeen Coleman - This character is...

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