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Chapter 1

• Surprise sails from Port Jackson, Australia, and makes course for England.

• Maturin causes political difficulties from a dispute of honor.

• Maturin's assistant, Padeen Coleman, is aboard the ship. He was a prisoner at a penal colony for serious crimes.

• Maturin smuggles him aboard Surprise, which angers Aubrey who gave his word there were no stowaways on Surprise.

• Surprise belongs to Aubrey, who is captaining it as a private man-of-war.

• Maturin treats two ill patients in sickbay, both of whom have been somewhere that Maturin would like to visit.

• Surprise has her first at-sea inspection by the captain, who notes much merriment and amusement among the crew.

• Tthe inspection proceeds well and Aubrey finds the ship in excellent order.

• Belowdecks, Aubrey discovers a woman stowaway, Clarissa Harvill.

• Aubrey now realizes about what the merriment and amusement had been.

• Pullings admits to having unofficially known that a woman was...

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