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Murphy, Louise
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Witch - The Village Piaski (pp.1-65).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the boy, now named Hansel, leave breadcrumbs in the forest?
(a) It was his right do with his bread what he wanted.
(b) The bread was stale and no longer edible.
(c) He was not hungry and wanted to leave a trail.
(d) He wanted to leave a trail for his stepmother.

2. Why do Magda, Hansel and Gretel wash with kerosene?
(a) Kerosene gets rid of lice.
(b) Kerosene helps to get all the dirt out.
(c) Kerosene was used as soap.
(d) Kerosene keeps them warm.

3. What was the woman, Magda, terrified of?
(a) The children being left behind.
(b) The dogs being set on them.
(c) The Nazis catching them.
(d) Leaving the motorcycle behind.

4. Why is the Man, woman and two children riding motorcycle?
(a) The are trying to get over the border.
(b) They are trying to escape the Nazis.
(c) They are fleeing the Ghetto.
(d) They have broken the law.

5. Germans leave bodies where they are killed, why?
(a) There are too many bodies to bury.
(b) The ground is frozen and they cannot bury the bodies.
(c) Germans do not believe in burring the dead.
(d) As a warning to the Poles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the father, now named the Mechanik, have to do to prove his loyalty?

2. Why did Gretel look all around them before they got out of the pile of leaves?

3. Why was the old woman, named Magda, feeding the birds?

4. When did Hansel throw his luck away?

5. What does Magda do with peroxide?

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