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Murphy, Louise
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sugar - December, 1943 (pp.66-129).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has no one from the village reported Father Piotr and Magda for being Rom?
(a) The villagers didn't know they were Rom.
(b) The man was a priest.
(c) The villagers just hadn't yet the opportunity.
(d) The villagers were afraid the woman, Magda, was a witch.

2. How is Gretel's age disguised in the photograph?
(a) Gretel's hair is in pigtails.
(b) Gretel wears younger clothing.
(c) Gretel blinks.
(d) Gretel's face is blurred.

3. Why does Telek believe Nelka's baby will come sooner than December?
(a) Nelka is undernourished.
(b) Nelka is not sure of her actual due date.
(c) The baby is not healthy.
(d) The baby is at full term.

4. How do the village men justify that Telek is short on the draw?
(a) Telek is not a father, so it will be easy for him.
(b) They say Telek was never one of them anyway.
(c) Telek is the strongest and quietest.
(d) They believe they should not have to hurt their own children.

5. When the Oberfuhrer arrives, what does the Major find offensive about the SS soldier's medals?
(a) The Major has the same medals.
(b) All the medals are fake.
(c) The medals are all for physical fitness.
(d) The medals are better than the Major's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Gretel able to read?

2. What does the Stepmother discover during the raid on the train?

3. Why is it hard for Gretel to know what day it is?

4. What does the father, now named the Mechanik, have to do to prove his loyalty?

5. Why does Nelka collect all the Russian fliers that are dropped from the sky?

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