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Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Italy does the narrator say the Italian Businessman is from in “In the Cathedral”?

2. When the Priest descends from the pulpit in ““In the Cathedral,” he tells K., “had to speak to you from a distance at first, otherwise I let myself be too easily influenced and forget” what?

3. What does Herr Huld’s maid tell K. is the only way of escaping the legal problems K. is facing in “His Uncle – Leni”?

4. When he arrives at the cathedral square, K. remembers “that even as a small child it had struck him that the curtains of the houses in the narrow square were nearly always all” what, in “In the Cathedral”?

5. What does the Priest call out as K. attempts to slip out of the cathedral in “In the Cathedral”?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the weather described in the opening of “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”? Where is K. located in the beginning of the chapter?

2. How does Block explain the predominance of superstition amongst the defendants in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer”?

3. How is K. first introduced to Herr Block in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer”?

4. What is K. supposed to do with the butcher knife in “The End”? What does he do instead?

5. How can K.’s character be seen as a reflection of Adam from the Bible in The Trial?

6. How does the author employ the use of shadows and ambiguity in the novel? What does this represent?

7. What is K.’s duty with the Italian Businessman in “In the Cathedral”? What does the Italian represent symbolically to K.?

8. In what ways does K. demonstrate the theme of the individual versus society in The Trial?

9. How does the ambiguous court system in The Trial relate to the historical context of anti-Semitism?

10. What does Uncle Karl relate to K. about his actions and their reflection on the family in “His Uncle – Leni”?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and analyze the character of Elsa in the novel. What are K.’s feelings about Elsa? Do you think his feelings are purely physical? Does K. show any jealousy for the other men that frequent Elsa’s room?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss the character of Frau Grubach in the novel. How old is Frau Grubach? Why does she “depend on” K.? How much money do you think she’s borrowed from him? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the characters of Franz and Willem in the novel. Why does K. attempt to save Franz and Willem from the Thrasher? How have the demeanors of these characters changed since their initial introduction in “The Arrest”? Why?

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