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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word from “The End” means highly offensive or hateful?
(a) Apprehensive
(b) Adulatory
(c) Odious
(d) Mischievous

2. What word from “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter” means to clear of an accusation?
(a) Propagate
(b) Accuse
(c) Exonerate
(d) Condemn

3. How is the cathedral square described when K. arrives in “In the Cathedral”?
(a) Crowded with children
(b) Crowded with tourists
(c) Completely deserted
(d) Crowded with animals

4. What word from “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer” means characterized by sickly sentimentality?
(a) Conciliatory
(b) Corrupt
(c) Petulant
(d) Mawkish

5. What is K.’s head placed on by the strange guards in “The End”?
(a) A silk pillow
(b) A tree stump
(c) A guillotine
(d) A stone

Short Answer Questions

1. By what name does Uncle Karl introduce himself to Herr Huld when he and K. arrive at Huld’s home in “His Uncle – Leni”?

2. Who is the man who is sitting in the corner of Herr Huld’s room in “His Uncle – Leni”?

3. What does one of the guards do to K. after they’ve stopped and rested outside the city in “The End”?

4. The portrait that Titorelli shows K. in his apartment first appears to K. to be a painting of what, in “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”?

5. What word from “In the Cathedral” refers to an official of a church charged with tending to the care of the edifice and its contents, ringing the bell, and sometimes with burying the dead?

Short Essay Questions

1. What element of symbolism in The Trial connects K. to the theme of “Original Sin”?

2. What is Uncle Karl’s attitude when he arrives at the bank in “His Uncle – Leni”?

3. What is K. supposed to do with the butcher knife in “The End”? What does he do instead?

4. Who does K. meet with in his office in “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”? What does this character give to K.?

5. How has K.’s plight as an individual against society turned out in “The End”?

6. What is K.’s duty with the Italian Businessman in “In the Cathedral”? What does the Italian represent symbolically to K.?

7. What is represented metaphorically in the scene between K., the Bank President, and the Italian Businessman in “In the Cathedral”?

8. What does Block tell K. about his impressions on the defendants in the Court Offices in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer”?

9. How are the women in the novel similar to Gatekeepers?

10. In what way is K.’s character similar to Job from the Old Testament?

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