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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. K. decides when looking for the courtroom in “The First Hearing” to ask around for a carpenter named what?
(a) Lanz.
(b) Willem
(c) Titorelli
(d) Huld

2. What is the name of Frau Grubach’s nephew?
(a) Lanz
(b) Leni
(c) Rabensteiner
(d) Hasterer

3. At what time does K. plan to arrive at the courtroom on the day of his first hearing in “The First Hearing”?
(a) 7
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 9

4. When does Fraülein Bürstner say she’s starting work as a secretary at a lawyer’s office when speaking with K. in “A Conversation with Frau Grubach”?
(a) Next week
(b) Tomorrow
(c) Next month
(d) Next year

5. What is Frau Grubach’s relationship to K.?
(a) She is his landlady
(b) She is his aunt
(c) She is his niece
(d) She is his mother

6. The Thrasher tells K. when he discovers him getting ready to beat the guards, “You shouldn’t believe everything they say. Their fear of being beaten has made them a little” what?
(a) Desperate
(b) Feeble-minded
(c) Incomprehensible
(d) Cowardly

7. What is the Thrasher’s outfit made from in “The Thrasher”?
(a) Satin
(b) Leather
(c) Cotton
(d) Silk

8. What public prosecutor does the Deputy Manager say is coming to his party in the beginning of “The First Hearing”?
(a) Hasterer
(b) Kaminer
(c) Rabensteiner
(d) Dr. Huld

9. One of the guards being thrashed in “The Thrasher” tells K. that “it’s a tradition that” what “goes to the guards”?
(a) The linen
(b) The landlady
(c) The coffers
(d) Breakfast

10. What word used in “In the Empty Conference Hall – The Student – The Offices” refers to a complete change of form, structure, or substance?
(a) Stasis
(b) Equipoise
(c) Metamorphosis
(d) Parity

11. Who does K. recall having said “that the court was attracted by guilt” in “The First Hearing”?
(a) Willem
(b) Dr. Huld
(c) Rabensteiner
(d) Franz

12. Where does Frau Grubach say Fraülein Bürstner has gone in the evening when K. returns home in “A Conversation with Frau Grubach”?
(a) To a jazz bar
(b) To the theatre
(c) To her lover’s house
(d) To church

13. What countries comprised the Allied Powers in the beginning of World War I?
(a) Germany and Austria-Hungary
(b) Japan, Israel, and the Russian Empire
(c) The United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire
(d) France, Spain, and Germany

14. When K. leaves Fräulein Bürstner’s room at the end of “A Conversation with Frau Grubach,” he thinks “for a while about the way he had behaved; he was” what?
(a) Worried sick about it
(b) Uncomfortable but serene
(c) Deeply troubled by it
(d) Satisfied with it

15. What word refers to a fictional society that is in some important way undesirable or frightening?
(a) Utopia
(b) Dystopia
(c) Malfunction
(d) Malatopia

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the guards being thrashed says he has a family to feed in “The Thrasher”?

2. How many messengers are said to still be “working in dispatch in the little circle from a lamp” at K.’s offices in the beginning of “The Thrasher” as he leaves work?

3. What word from “The First Hearing” refers to a child’s apron or woman’s sleeveless garment worn over a dress?

4. What word from “The Thrasher” means to secure or bring about by force?

5. Which of the subordinate bank employees in “The Arrest” is described as “blond with deep-set eyes”?

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