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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The End.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound is described in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer” as signifying the start of one’s trial?
(a) A gavel thump
(b) A whistle blow
(c) A woman’s scream
(d) A bell ring

2. What word from “The First Hearing” refers to a vicious or depraved person?
(a) Abolitionist
(b) Petitioner
(c) Miscreant
(d) Reprimand

3. Herr Huld tells K. in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer” that his maid finds almost all of whom attractive?
(a) The judges
(b) The defendants
(c) The priests
(d) The carpenters

4. The Usher tells K. as they pass through the waiting room of the Court Offices in “In the Empty Conference Hall – The Student – The Offices,” “Most of the defendants are very” what?
(a) Anxious
(b) Judicial
(c) Insensitive
(d) Sensitive

5. Whose cook is said to bring K. his breakfast around eight every morning in “The Arrest”?
(a) Rudi Block’s
(b) Frau Grubach’s
(c) Fraülein Bürstner’s
(d) Dr. Huld’s

Short Answer Questions

1. When K. leaves Fräulein Bürstner’s room at the end of “A Conversation with Frau Grubach,” he thinks “for a while about the way he had behaved; he was” what?

2. Where do K. and the two strange guards go after departing the city in “The End”?

3. The Trial was written between 1914 and 1915 but was not published until what year?

4. What name, meaning the servants of an army, does K. call the Examining Magistrate and the others of the courtroom as he exits in “The First Hearing”?

5. Where does Fraülein Bürstner say Frau Grubach’s nephew is sleeping in “A Conversation with Frau Grubach”?

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