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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The End.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When K. is met by scowling children on his way up the stairs to the courtroom in “The First Hearing,” he thinks to himself, “If I have to come here again, I’ll either have to bring some sweets, to win them over, or” what?
(a) My steel-toed boots to kick them
(b) Some teacakes from my house
(c) My pocketbook to pay them
(d) My stick to beat them

2. What word from “The Thrasher” means to secure or bring about by force?
(a) Arbitrate
(b) Impede
(c) Compel
(d) Obstruct

3. What season is described in the opening of “A Conversation with Frau Grubach”?
(a) Spring
(b) Winter
(c) Autumn
(d) Summer

4. By what mode of transportation does K. travel to Titorelli’s home in “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”?
(a) Taxi
(b) Train
(c) Horseback
(d) Carriage

5. The narrator claims in “The End,” “Logic may be unshakeable, but it cannot hold out against a human being who wants” what?
(a) Freedom
(b) To live
(c) Love
(d) To die

Short Answer Questions

1. What term refers to short, allegorical stories designed to illustrate a truth or moral lesson?

2. It is K.’s birthday in the opening of “The Arrest.” How old is K. turning?

3. The first painting that K. examines with his electric torch in the cathedral shows a standard treatment of what scene?

4. The narrator says in “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter” that “the hierarchy and upper echelons of the court were” what?

5. The portrait that Titorelli shows K. in his apartment first appears to K. to be a painting of what, in “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”?

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