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The Arrest

• At the start of The Trial, Joseph K. awakes on the morning of his thirtieth birthday and is greeted by two warders, Franz and Willem, who tell him he's under arrest and introduce him to the Inspector.

• The Inspector refuses to tell K. why he has been arrested, and confused, K. is surprised when they let him go with orders to come back for his trial.

A Conversation with Frau Grubach

• After work that evening, K. talks with his landlady, Frau Grubach, who is sympathetic to his plight.

• K. likes Fraülein Bürstner, whose room the Inspector had commandeered; when she returns late at night, K. insists on talking to her about his day, and then makes a grab for her.

The First Hearing

• K. is told to present himself for a brief inquiry into his case and goes to the address, only to find...

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