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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the general opinion of God among the Greeks?

2. Why does the man bring something unusual into court?

3. Which topic is not among Socrates' dialogues?

4. What could have given Socrates a better verdict?

5. What did the man bring into court?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the young man referenced? Why does he take a journey? Who/What does he see? Why?

2. How does Socrates view his own brand of wisdom? What is it worth?

3. Why did Euthyphro visit Socrates? What crime has taken place?

4. Explain the collection of the Four Dialogues and which character they focus on the most.

5. Why does Socrates believe he was found guilty?

6. What is Socrates' advice to allies and supporters? How does Socrates view the trial's outcome?

7. Why is Socrates distressed when Euthyphro excuses himself?

8. What is the verdict in the case? What is Socrates' response?

9. Who often approached Socrates to gain valuable information and insight? What did they want to learn?

10. How does Euthyphro reply to Socrates' question regarding the definition of piety?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is a great deal of discussion about the soul. What is the main theme regarding the soul as it relates to morality? What proof is there that the soul exists? How does Socrates explain the soul? How is it possible that the soul can be incorruptible if the body is not beyond being corrupted? How can one stay pure while the other does not? What might cause the separation of the soul from the physical body? Can a soul be destroyed?

Essay Topic 2

Many scholars believe that The Trial and Death of Socrates: Four Dialogues by Plato was not only compiled by Plato, but in fact written by the student of Socrates. Discuss the possibility of Plato creating the work. Why would he have done it? How might Plato have used the dialogues to insert his own views? Might some of the views of Socrates have been altered, changed completely or eradicated? How would anyone know? When was The Trial and Death of Socrates: Four Dialogues by Plato published? How could it be authenticated? By whom?

Essay Topic 3

At one point in the Dialogues, Socrates says that he believes that no true philosopher should fear death. Why did Socrates make that statement? How relevant is it to the trial? Does Socrates consider himself to be a "true philosopher?" Who is not? If the true philosopher should not fear death, then what should one expect? What should one hope for in the afterlife? How does the choice of burial play into this theory?

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