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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. It would be wrong to seek what from the judge?

2. Where did the young man go?

3. What does Socrates lack in reference to punishment in the eyes of the court?

4. What is worse than death in Socrates' eyes?

5. Socrates believes that corruption leads to what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who wrote the Four Dialogues and during what time period do they take place?

2. Who often approached Socrates to gain valuable information and insight? What did they want to learn?

3. What is Socrates' advice to allies and supporters? How does Socrates view the trial's outcome?

4. How does Socrates argue against Meletus' claims that he is an atheist?

5. Why is Socrates distressed when Euthyphro excuses himself?

6. What did the young man learn on the trip? Why would people believe the information?

7. What topic does Socrates want to explore with Euthyphro? To what end?

8. What is Euthyphro's reaction upon hearing the charges against Socrates? How does Euthyphro attempt to reassures him?

9. In Socrates' mind, the concept of holiness is much like the chicken and the egg. Explain.

10. What is the verdict in the case? What is Socrates' response?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the dilemma faced by Euthyphro in the First Dialogue. What was the situation? Why was Euthyphro so distressed? Was the situation as dire as Euthyphro believed? What was Socrates' opinion of the ordeal? What might have been done to ease Euthyphro's mind? Did Euthyphro do anything illegal? How might you have reacted in Euthyphro's stead?

Essay Topic 2

There is a great deal of discussion about the soul. What is the main theme regarding the soul as it relates to morality? What proof is there that the soul exists? How does Socrates explain the soul? How is it possible that the soul can be incorruptible if the body is not beyond being corrupted? How can one stay pure while the other does not? What might cause the separation of the soul from the physical body? Can a soul be destroyed?

Essay Topic 3

In Dialogue 4, Part 1, Socrates explains the difference between death and suicide. What is Socrates' view on each? Why are they different? Which is better? Does the form of death affect how one's soul reacts to the death? How does it affect the soul's progression into the afterlife? What is Socrates' view on suicide as being a form of evil? If Socrates believed that suicide was evil, why did he kill himself?

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