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Short Answer Questions

1. What did most merchants bring to Madagascar to sell?

2. What was primarily and preferably eaten in Madagascar?

3. Why didn't the grand khan bring Java under his control?

4. Why did the grand khan, Kublai, want to annex the island of Zipangu?

5. In 1272, who was appointed governor of Tudin-fu?

Short Essay Questions

1. Tell about the extraordinary bird called rukh.

2. What did the inhabitants of Fanfur procure from a certain tree? How did they obtain it and what did they do with it? What did it look like and taste like once it was prepared?

3. How could one enter the town of Pau-ghin, and why?

4. Why was Marco Polo detained in the kingdom of Samara for five months?

5. Describe what took place at the city of Tin-gui-gui.

6. Describe the teachers and instruction in Bangala.

7. What were the inhabitants of Kael addicted to and why? Also describe the battle that ensued when one person was insulted by another.

8. What was significant about the city of Yan-gui?

9. Explain why King Dor was captured by Prester John's men. How was he captured? What became of him?

10. Describe how money was made in the province of Kain-du.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Book 2, Chapter 16 details the grand khan's adventures with his falconers. Discuss reasons why the grand khan participated. Was this a useful sport or pure enjoyment? Cite examples from the text in your response and thesis.

Essay Topic 2

Book 2, Chapter 68 describes the noble and magnificent city of Kin-sai. Why did Marco Polo consider Kin-sai noble and magnificent? Based on the details in the book, do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Use examples from the book in your response and thesis statement.

Essay Topic 3

Nicolo and Maffeo Polo were respectable merchants of Venice. They set sail in the year 1250 for Constantinople and arrived there in safety. Discuss the underlying goals the brothers had in wanting to go to Constantinople. Use examples from the text to support your response and thesis. Use Book 1, Chapter 1 as a reference.

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