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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the inhabitants of Dragoian do to those who were ill if it was determined they would not recover?

2. Who had King Dor captured?

3. What could be found in Mien?

4. What did choiach mean?

5. What were sold in Basman as pygmies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Tell what types of things were produced on the island of Java.

2. What did the inhabitants of Fanfur procure from a certain tree? How did they obtain it and what did they do with it? What did it look like and taste like once it was prepared?

3. Describe the physical attributes of the men and women of Zenzibar.

4. Describe the teachers and instruction in Bangala.

5. Describe the marks of the Jews, Christians, and Saracens who lived in Abascia.

6. Describe ambergris. What was it, and where was it found? How was it used?

7. Describe the fishery business in the province of Maabar.

8. What were the inhabitants of Kael addicted to and why? Also describe the battle that ensued when one person was insulted by another.

9. What was produced on the island of Java Minor, and why were they only exported to Manji and Cathay?

10. What happened during the rainy season in the kingdom of Murphilior Monsul?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Incredible as the tales in the Travels of Marco Polo seem, they did inspire numerous people to travel East to find out about this exotic land for themselves. In this respect, Marco Polo launched a whole new age of exploration. Describe the effect the book had on Europeans and others, including the effect it specifically had on future explorers.

Essay Topic 2

The Desert of Lop was vast and hard to cross. Compare and contrast the way Marco Polo crossed the Desert of Lop to the way you would have crossed the Desert of Lop during the Middle Ages.

Essay Topic 3

Formulate reasons why Marco Polo's book was then and is still today, an important historical book. Use examples from the text in your response and thesis statement.

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