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Short Answer Questions

1. What capital and province bore the same name?

2. Where did the Bramins derive their origin?

3. What big animal was found in Bangala?

4. What was used as an antidote for poison?

5. What could be found in Mien?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tauris was a large and noble city belonging to the province of Irak (Iraq), which contained many other cities and fortified places, but this was the largest and most important city. Tell how the inhabitants supported themselves, where they traded, what types of items might be found there, what type of people lived there, the type of gardens found there, and the religions. How does Iraq compare today? Use Book 1, Chapters 9-10 as a reference.

Essay Topic 2

Book 2, Chapter 16 details the grand khan's adventures with his falconers. Discuss reasons why the grand khan participated. Was this a useful sport or pure enjoyment? Cite examples from the text in your response and thesis.

Essay Topic 3

Incredible as the tales in the Travels of Marco Polo seem, they did inspire numerous people to travel East to find out about this exotic land for themselves. In this respect, Marco Polo launched a whole new age of exploration. Describe the effect the book had on Europeans and others, including the effect it specifically had on future explorers.

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