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Short Answer Questions

1. Tartars were experts in _______________.

2. A thief could pay ______ the value of the property stolen in order to escape all further punishment.

3. People of Vokhan were of which religious persuasion?

4. According to the introduction, what made "The Travels of Marco Polo" a best seller?

5. ______________ was an unknown term in medieval language.

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 30, discuss the importance of the miracle that took place at the church dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Who did the miracle favor? Why was it important to the followers? How did the miracle affect the Mussulmans?

2. After describing Kesmur, Marco Polo said he reserved the description of India for a third book. Why is this so?

3. Why did Marco Polo write this book?

4. Describe how paper money issued by the grand khan was made.

5. Describe Lesser Armenia as Marco Polo did in Chapter 2.

6. According to Chapter 3, what three classes of inhabitants resided in Turkomania?

7. Discuss the custom observed upon the birth of a son in the city of Sachion. Use Chapter 37 as a reference.

8. In Chapter 5, what miraculous circumstances are said to have taken place at Saint Lunardo?

9. What does the narrator of Marco Polo's travels proclaim this book does?

10. Using Chapter 4 as a reference, describe three attributes of Armenia Major.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The grand khan was not persuaded by any one religion, thus, he honored Christians, Jews, Mahometans, and idolaters at their respective festivals. Discuss his motives for honoring each. Use examples from the book in your response and thesis. Use Book 2, Chapters 1-2 as a reference.

Essay Topic 2

Book I, Chapter 50 details an imaginary marriage between two deceased children of different families. Analyze the way this unusual custom impacts the living family members. Use examples from the book to support your response and thesis statement.

Essay Topic 3

Book 2, Chapter 16 details the grand khan's adventures with his falconers. Discuss reasons why the grand khan participated. Was this a useful sport or pure enjoyment? Cite examples from the text in your response and thesis.

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