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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How deep was the sea between Lochac and the island of Pentan?
(a) Ten fathoms.
(b) Fifteen fathoms.
(c) Four fathoms.
(d) Six fathoms.

2. What lay five hundred miles south of Kesmacoran?
(a) The Isle of Man and the Isle of Woman.
(b) The Isle of Christians and the Isle of Idolators.
(c) The Isle of Monks and the Isle of Priests.
(d) The Isle of Monkeys and the Isle of Horses.

3. What was the chief aim or goal of Facfur?
(a) Fortifying the cities under his dominion.
(b) Building up his military strength and adding men under his command.
(c) Administering justice to those who acted unbecomingly.
(d) Increasing his enjoyment and multiplying his pleasures.

4. How large was the circumference of Sin-din-fu?
(a) 6 miles.
(b) 28 miles.
(c) 12 miles.
(d) 20 miles.

5. What was primarily and preferably eaten in Madagascar?
(a) Camel.
(b) Horse.
(c) Cow.
(d) Elephant.

Short Answer Questions

1. The people of Basman paid tribute to whom?

2. The inhabitants of Escier fed their animals what type of food?

3. What was the circumference of Java?

4. What type of clothing was worn in Chintigui?

5. How many wives did the king of Kangigu have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was the province of Karaian located and who governed it? Describe the ruler.

2. Why was Marco Polo detained in the kingdom of Samara for five months?

3. What were the inhabitants of Kael addicted to and why? Also describe the battle that ensued when one person was insulted by another.

4. Describe the physical attributes of the men and women of Zenzibar.

5. Describe the idols worshiped in Zipangu.

6. What was produced on the island of Java Minor, and why were they only exported to Manji and Cathay?

7. Describe the fishery business in the province of Maabar.

8. Describe the marks of the Jews, Christians, and Saracens who lived in Abascia.

9. Chapter 43 talks about the mountainous people outside of the province of Kardandan. Why did these people exchange gold for silver with merchants?

10. What could be found at the top of a mountain in Zeilan?

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