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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What miraculous event was said to have occurred at Samarcan?
(a) The pillar of the church raised to reveal the gold cup.
(b) The pillar of the church raised and Zagatai was healed.
(c) The pillar of the church raised to reveal the stone.
(d) The pillar of the church fell and crushed a man who was raised back to life.

2. An envoy of Hulaga invited the Polos to join his trip to the Great Khan of the Tartars, __________.
(a) Chinghiz.
(b) Arikbuga.
(c) Kubilai.
(d) Kaidu.

3. How many sons did the grand khan have by his legitimate wives?
(a) 41.
(b) 22.
(c) 29.
(d) 16.

4. What were the names of the three magi?
(a) Demogar, Haldasar, Gaspar.
(b) Baldasar, Gaspar, Belchior.
(c) Balksar, Palasta, Gaspar.
(d) Belchior, Dyava, Haldasar.

5. In 1292, Marco Polo safely delivered a bride for _____.
(a) Arghun.
(b) Cosmas.
(c) Mingan.
(d) Theophylactus Simocatta.

6. Merchants in the city of Yasdi manufactured what?
(a) Silk cloth.
(b) Golden cups.
(c) Swords.
(d) Woven baskets.

7. Where were the three magi buried?
(a) Arbor Secco.
(b) Saba.
(c) Mosul.
(d) Kasiban.

8. According to Marco Polo, in the central part of Armenia lies an exceedingly large and high mountain. What can be found on this mountain?
(a) The Ark of Noah.
(b) The Golden Tablets.
(c) The Fountain of Oil.
(d) The Gate of Iron.

9. What type of chair did the grand khan sit on when he was riding?
(a) A silver chair.
(b) A pearl chair.
(c) A bamboo chair.
(d) A gold chair.

10. What could be found in the castle of Paipurth, which was located between Trebizond and Tauris?
(a) Fountain of youth.
(b) Fountain of oil.
(c) Gold mine.
(d) Silver mine.

11. What festival was celebrated September 28th?
(a) The festival of the golden tablets.
(b) Tribunal day.
(c) The birth of the grand khan.
(d) White feast.

12. Where did the Tartars first establish residence?
(a) Unkhan.
(b) Kampion.
(c) Ezina.
(d) Karakoran.

13. Who was the ruler of Kierman?
(a) Corobar Achomak.
(b) Reobarle Ormus.
(c) Rukmedin Achomak.
(d) Mazier Ozier.

14. The Great Khan succeeded _______ to rule the eastern part of the Mongol empire.
(a) Arikbuga.
(b) Chinghiz.
(c) Mangku Kaan.
(d) Tuli.

15. Why did Prester John try to separate the Tartars?
(a) He wanted to start new provinces with multiple groups of Tartars.
(b) He thought they would be better able to defend themselves.
(c) He was worried they were becoming too lazy.
(d) He was apprehensive of their strength.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Great Khan send the Polos and a baron to the Pope requesting a hundred men?

2. Who is being addressed in the Prologue?

3. "Idolaters" include________.

4. What gift was sent from one of the Tartar princes to the Roman Pontiff from the city of Chinchitalas?

5. The custom, during the process of removing the bodies of princes, was for those who formed the escort to ______________ persons they met on the road.

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