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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the grand khan require be planted on the sides of roads?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Cotton.
(c) Melons.
(d) Trees.

2. What miraculous event was said to have occurred at Samarcan?
(a) The pillar of the church raised and Zagatai was healed.
(b) The pillar of the church raised to reveal the gold cup.
(c) The pillar of the church fell and crushed a man who was raised back to life.
(d) The pillar of the church raised to reveal the stone.

3. According to Marco Polo, in the central part of Armenia lies an exceedingly large and high mountain. What can be found on this mountain?
(a) The Gate of Iron.
(b) The Ark of Noah.
(c) The Fountain of Oil.
(d) The Golden Tablets.

4. Niccolo Polo and Maffeo Polo started a venture sailing to Sudak to __________.
(a) Sell jewels.
(b) Sell minerals.
(c) Sell spices.
(d) Sell silk.

5. Marco Polo's descriptions of human history are ______________.
(a) Limited but accurate.
(b) Limited and inaccurate.
(c) Extensive but inaccurate.
(d) Astute.

6. What did the infant, Christ, give the wise men as they were leaving?
(a) A piece of gold cloth.
(b) A gold coin.
(c) A bag of spices.
(d) A stone.

7. What were the names of the three magi?
(a) Demogar, Haldasar, Gaspar.
(b) Baldasar, Gaspar, Belchior.
(c) Balksar, Palasta, Gaspar.
(d) Belchior, Dyava, Haldasar.

8. What was proved by the shoemaker removing his right eye?
(a) His excellent faith.
(b) He was subject to the khalif's beliefs.
(c) He will enter Paradise.
(d) He was a sinner doomed to hell.

9. According to the introduction, what made "The Travels of Marco Polo" a best seller?
(a) Rustichello's writing.
(b) The ease in obtaining a copy of the book.
(c) The wild and exciting tales.
(d) The mystery of Kubilai Khan's thirteenth century empire.

10. What was the name of the eldest legitimate son of the grand khan?
(a) Themur.
(b) Cinegaus.
(c) Kanuba.
(d) Chingis.

11. What is stated in the Prologue as one of the reasons someone would read this book?
(a) Those desirous of knowing the truth about The Great Khan.
(b) Those desirous of knowing the mysterious secrets of the world.
(c) Those desirous of knowing the diversities of Asia.
(d) Those desirous of knowing the diversities of the races of mankind.

12. The Polos survived ______________ for three years until Pope Clement died.
(a) Lack of money and falling snow.
(b) Lack of food and shelter.
(c) Snow and swollen rivers.
(d) Heat and blowing winds.

13. Marco Polo's father and uncle were _________________.
(a) Merchants in Genoa.
(b) Traders from Constantinople.
(c) Merchants in Constantinople.
(d) Traders from Genoa.

14. The custom, during the process of removing the bodies of princes, was for those who formed the escort to ______________ persons they met on the road.
(a) Rob.
(b) Bless.
(c) Slay.
(d) Befriend.

15. People of Vokhan were of which religious persuasion?
(a) Christian.
(b) Mahometans.
(c) Jewish.
(d) Hindus.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Tartars had the best _________ in the world.

2. The grand khan's military men carried a golden tablet with what type of picture engraved upon it?

3. What three regions were assigned to lesser family khans to rule over?

4. What type of water could be found in Kobiam?

5. According to the Prologue, what things does Marco Polo describe in the book?

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