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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Prologue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Polos survived ______________ for three years until Pope Clement died.
(a) Lack of money and falling snow.
(b) Lack of food and shelter.
(c) Heat and blowing winds.
(d) Snow and swollen rivers.

2. Arghun was the king of _____________.
(a) Zanzibar.
(b) European Russia.
(c) Levant.
(d) Baghdad.

3. An envoy of Hulaga invited the Polos to join his trip to the Great Khan of the Tartars, __________.
(a) Kaidu.
(b) Kubilai.
(c) Arikbuga.
(d) Chinghiz.

4. In 1292, Marco Polo safely delivered a bride for _____.
(a) Mingan.
(b) Arghun.
(c) Cosmas.
(d) Theophylactus Simocatta.

5. Who is being addressed in the Prologue?
(a) The learned.
(b) Readers of the world.
(c) Emperors, kings, dukes, marquises, earls, and knights.
(d) Kings and other dignitaries of the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What three regions were assigned to lesser family khans to rule over?

2. Why did the Great Khan send the Polos and a baron to the Pope requesting a hundred men?

3. Experiences between leaving in 1271 and returning in 1292 are described by Marco Polo through his chroniclers_________ and __________.

4. Marco Polo was _________ years old when Pope Clement died.

5. The Great Khan issued ___________ to assure lodging and needs when the Polos went to the Pope.

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