The Travels of Marco Polo Fun Activities

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Writing to Marco Polo

Write a letter to Marco Polo asking him any questions you have about his various travels.

Time Lines

Create a time line complete with events, cities, and dates showing Polo's travels.


Construct a map of Polo's travels. Use the inside boards of the book as a reference.


Draw or sketch five animals and five foods Polo describes in his book.

"What If" Circumstance

Describe how circumstances would be different if the Brothers Polo has not been allowed to leave the Great Khan's court and return home.

Making Comparisons

Using a modern map, compare cities, countries, and provinces during the time of Polo to those of today. Are any places no longer found on a modern map? What countries have changed? Have names changed?

Math and Mapping

Using a modern map, track the miles Polo traveled in his ventures. How many years and...

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