The Travels of Marco Polo Character Descriptions

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Marco Polo

This enterprising individual is believed to have traveled further and more widely than anyone else in the world.

Kubilai Khan

This individual was less savage and more sophisticated than prior ancestors.

Rustigielo of Pisa

This individual occupied time by writing for self and others.

Ronald Latham

This individual was more modern, knew many languages, and wrote quite well.

Barka, Hulagu and Barak

These individuals ruled regions assigned to lesser family members in European Russia.

Niccolo and Maffeo Polo

These individuals met the Great Khan when they left the Levant with an envoy of Hulaga.


These individuals were uncivilized, with no organized priesthood.


These individuals were worshipers of Mahomet.


These individuals had different customs and practices than other races throughout northern China.

Caliph of Baghdad

This individual was quite wealthy and very greedy.

Prester John

This individual's name meant Great Lord.

Golden King


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