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Tom Brown (naturalist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brown travel the Snake River in "Bear Smacking"?

2. What does Brown take to the Grand Canyon in?

3. How long does Brown stay in Death Valley?

4. In "Thoreau Summer", what does Brown say changed about the woods?

5. What does the huge Virginia White Tail deer lead Brown to in "Guardian"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Brown realize about the man by the Jeep in "The Journeyman"?

2. What do Brown and Rick do when the hand emerges from the ground in "Thaw"?

3. In "Predator", how does Brown describe the deer he kills?

4. In "True Lostness", why are the beavers dead?

5. In "Invisible Walking", what perfect, life-altering scene does Brown see?

6. Why does Brown know that poachers were killing deer in "Guardian"?

7. How do Brown and Rick create an eerie mood for themselves in "Thaw"?

8. Why does Brown agree to kill the wild dogs in "Outlaw Dogs"?

9. Why do people give up on the search for the handicapped man in "Search"?

10. What happens when Brown encounters the drunks in "Thoreau Summer"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Brown's recognition of his calling in life build throughout the novel? Consider examples of foreshadowing along with the growth of Brown's skills. How does the author fulfill the need to give Brown a "happy ending"? How does he not?

Essay Topic 2

Using the events and ideas of this novel, explain how humanity can have a positive effect on nature as well as a negative effect. What does the author try to tell his reader about the effect of people on nature?

Essay Topic 3

Rick and Brown collect skulls. What is symbolic about the skulls? How does this act bind the two in friendship? What happens to the skulls when Rick moves away?

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