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Tom Brown (naturalist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. Brown believes that learning the patterns of what animal is "good medicine?"

2. Why was Brown attacked by a dog when he was ten?

3. In "Omen", what plans do Brown and Rick make?

4. How do people miss a great deal, according to Stalking Wolf?

5. What do Brown and Rick eat to celebrate finishing building their cabin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Stalking Wolf say will happen after Brown does his challenge in "Jersey Devil"?

2. What happens in "Omen" when Brown and Rick go into the pit?

3. Which two houses are Brown and Rick afraid of on the path to their cabin?

4. At the end of "Night Crawl", what is Brown's final opinion of his camping trip?

5. In "Chickadee Survival", why doesn't the storm threaten Brown?

6. What does Brown learn about night tracking in "Night Crawl"?

7. What happens when the wild dogs sneak up on Brown and Rick as they are celebrating finishing building their cabin?

8. How is Brown able to stand the cold during his rite of passage in "Cold Training"?

9. Why are there wild dogs in Pine Barrens?

10. In "The Ultimate Track", how does Brown describe tracking?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Brown's recognition of his calling in life build throughout the novel? Consider examples of foreshadowing along with the growth of Brown's skills. How does the author fulfill the need to give Brown a "happy ending"? How does he not?

Essay Topic 2

Choose three experiences Brown lived through that were dangerous or potentially lethal. Compare and contrast these events including how Brown became part of them, how he survived and what he learned from the event. How does Brown respond to dangerous situations?

Essay Topic 3

Stalking Wolf has an interesting teaching method. Describe the way Stalking Wolf teaches, how his students learn and how this style of teaching is different from traditional school.

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