The Tracker Short Essay - Answer Key

Tom Brown (naturalist)
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1. In "The Ultimate Track", how does Brown describe tracking?

Brown describes tracking as following a string. The string is part of a mystery where the animal is always leaving clues for him to follow.

2. Why does Brown learn about mice?

Brown learns about mice because they are a part of everything greater around them. If he wants to learn about the nature that surrounds him, he must know all the parts.

3. What is Brown's first impression of Rick?

When Brown first meets Rick, he knows he is an Indian. He thinks that Rick has a lot of patience and that he is more of a stalker than a tracker.

4. What do Brown's parents think of his time in the woods?

Brown tells his parents he is with Rick, because if they knew what he was actually doing in the woods they would be worried and wouldn't let him go.

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