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Tom Brown (naturalist)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Invisible Walking and True Lostness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Brown and Rick wear on their rite of passage for the cold?
(a) Pants and gloves.
(b) Sneakers and cutoffs.
(c) Cutoffs and hats.
(d) Only pants.

2. In "The Dog Tree", what does Brown think of people who follow established trails?
(a) It's depressing.
(b) It's typical.
(c) It's confusing.
(d) It's safe.

3. What does Brown tell the rescuers that come in "Chickadee Survival"?
(a) That they are fine.
(b) That they think they are lost.
(c) That they want water.
(d) That they need help.

4. When does Stalking Wolf lead the boys on a rite of passage for the cold?
(a) New Year's Day.
(b) New Year's Eve.
(c) Christmas Eve.
(d) Christmas Day.

5. At the end of "Quick Mud", what does Brown say about hot tubs?
(a) He's going to sit in one for an hour.
(b) He'd rather be cold.
(c) He is going to save money for one.
(d) He has never been in one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shape door do Brown and Rick put on their cabin?

2. How do Brown and Rick help the Scouts during the storm?

3. How do people describe the Jersey Devil in folk tales?

4. How do Brown and Rick describe the "cold wind" in "Cold Training"?

5. What do the Boy Scout leaders think of the coming winter storm?

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