Objects & Places from The Tracker

Tom Brown (naturalist)
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The Pine Barrens

This place is an immense track of woods in New Jersey.

Back Yard

This is a term used by Brown to describe the land he enjoys spending time on.

Wild Dogs

These roam through the Pine Barrens. They are dangerous and represent many things to Brown and Rick.

The Good Medicine Grounds

This is a special place selected for the boys by the visit of a huge, beautiful eagle. It is located deep within the Pine Barrens.

Good Medicine Cabin

This is described as the dream of all Boy Scouts and other outdoor wandering children. It is a place built by Brown and Rick.

The Dog Tree

This is where Brown is captured for a day and a night by the fierce, hungry wild dogs.

The Garbage Dump

This is where Brown and Rick go fossil hunting and are followed by dangerous wild dogs, who...

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