Daily Lessons for Teaching The Tracker

Tom Brown (naturalist)
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Lesson 1 (from The Ultimate Track and Go and Ask the Mice)


Brown is captivated by the "mysteries" of nature starting at an early age. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the way Brown responds to nature as a child.


1) Class discussion: What does Brown say are the most interesting mysteries in life? How does he explore these mysteries as a child? How is he introduced to tracking? What does he compare tracking to? How does tracking help him resolve the mysteries of nature? What does he think about when he finds animal skulls? What does he think about when he finds fossils? What does he tell his parents he is out doing? How does Brown describe the nature he explores as a child? What does the woods mean to Brown?

2) Pair work: In pairs, students will create a chart with two columns. One column will list the things Brown does to explore the mysteries...

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