The Tracker Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Tom Brown (naturalist)
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Essay Topic 1

Define what the art of tracking is. What makes a successful tracker? How does one become a tracker? What is the value of trackers in society?

Essay Topic 2

Stalking Wolf has an interesting teaching method. Describe the way Stalking Wolf teaches, how his students learn and how this style of teaching is different from traditional school.

Essay Topic 3

Brown feels most at ease in nature. Examine the scenes where Brown is at one with his surroundings and describe how the language and other literary devices in these scenes help to develop this idea.

Essay Topic 4

Rick and Brown collect skulls. What is symbolic about the skulls? How does this act bind the two in friendship? What happens to the skulls when Rick moves away?

Essay Topic 5

Brown's education in nature spans this entire novel. Trace Brown's education from beginning to end, selecting two or three turning...

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