The Tracker Character Descriptions

Tom Brown (naturalist)
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Tom Brown

This character is trained to track by his friend's grandfather. He lacks any conventional education, but is still able to contribute to society.


This character is a Native American who has a grandfather skilled in the art of tracking.

Grandfather Stalking Wolf

This character is an Apache Indian, one of the last warriors trained in the ancient ways of the tribe. He is a master teacher, using few words but many examples, gestures, and challenges.

Jersey Devil

This character is a wild creature of indeterminate qualities, a scary creature that captures and kills people and animals.

Tom Brown's Parents

These people teach their son how to build a log cabin, and even though they give their son a great amount of freedom, they are concerned for his safety.

Rick's Parents

These characters talk to their son's friend's parents for comfort.


This character is a...

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