The Tracker Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tom Brown (naturalist)
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The Ultimate Track and Go and Ask the Mice

• Brown has a natural desire to track and meets a friend Rick, who shares the interest.

• Grandfather Stalking Wolf teaches the boys to track.

• Brown learns that he must be in tune with all aspects of nature.

• Brown is a naturally talented tracker, but he practices his craft carefully.

• Stalking Wolf tells a story about how a friend of his was killed by smacking a bear.

Good Medicine Cabin and Quick Mud

• Brown and Rick build a cabin called the Good Medicine Cabin.

• While celebrating finishing their cabin, Brown and Rick are attacked by wild dogs, but they get away.

• Rick falls into quick mud, but Brown is able to rescue him.

• The boys practice saving themselves from quick mud.

• Brown notes that other people are trapped not in mud, but by their lives.

Cold Training and Night Crawl

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