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Short Answer Questions

1. How many hours each day does Delaney devote to his work?

2. Where does Delaney go after he hits the person with his car?

3. What happens to Candidó when he is captured by INS agents?

4. Who or what ends up killing one of the family's dogs?

5. Osbert is what type of animal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Candidó do after he is replaced by a legal immigrant on Lopez's crew?

2. Describe the relationship between América and Candidó.

3. What does Dominick Flood do when the fire breaks out? How do we know?

4. Describe the first interaction between Delaney and Candidó.

5. Describe Candidó's flashback about Resurrección.

6. Why does Candidó become so angry with América that he slaps her?

7. What helps América emerge from her depression?

8. Describe the relationships between Delaney, Kyra, and Jordan.

9. What sorts of injuries does Candidó suffer after being hit by a car?

10. Describe Candidó's interaction with the light-skinned Mexican in the park.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Candidó experiences flashbacks in this story that refer to his prior experiences with marriage and living in the United States. What do these flashbacks teach us about Candidó? What purpose do the flashbacks serve in the story?

Essay Topic 2

Boyle's book revolves around ethical and moral issues as well as questions regarding ethical boundaries. What ethical boundaries are breached or broken in this story? Does this happen because of necessity or simple ignorance? Identify one ethical boundary and defend the character's reasoning for breaking it.

Essay Topic 3

Identify the climax of this story and the series of events leading up to the climax. How do the characters respond to the climax? What does Boyle include in his story to insure that the climax will be as powerful and meaningful as possible?

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