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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man in the parking lot do to Candidó?

2. How much does the man with a ponytail charge Candidó for staying in a room for two nights?

3. Why does Kyra become upset outside the restaurant when she goes to meet Delaney for lunch?

4. What does Candidó swear he will do to the two men who attacked his wife?

5. What does Delaney see on his walk through Arroyo Blanco?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Candidó acquires a frozen turkey.

2. Describe the typical weekday morning routine for Kyra, Delaney, and Jordan.

3. What does Delaney overhear at the Arroyo Blanco Estates community center?

4. Describe how the two Mexicans come to be arrested by the police.

5. What do Kyra and Delaney do for a living?

6. Describe Delaney's encounter at Arroyo Blanco Estates with the Mexican who wears his hat backward.

7. Describe Candidó's flashback about Resurrección.

8. What are the interactions between América and Candidó like after he returns from being beaten?

9. Describe the physical appearance of the homes and grounds at Arroyo Blanco Estates.

10. What impact does the attack by the light-skinned Mexican and his friend have on América?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Kyra and América are two women in the same town, yet are very different in numerous ways. Compare and contrast the two female characters by using specific examples from Boyle's book.

Essay Topic 2

Identify the climax of this story and the series of events leading up to the climax. How do the characters respond to the climax? What does Boyle include in his story to insure that the climax will be as powerful and meaningful as possible?

Essay Topic 3

The wall is a significant part of Boyle's story. What does the wall symbolize? What similarities can you give between the wall and Candidó's qualities?

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