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Short Answer Questions

1. How many hours each day does Delaney devote to his work?

2. Who is Dominick Flood?

3. Delaney has a flashback to a party held where, two nights earlier?

4. What jerks Delaney out of his flashback?

5. To whom does Kyra show the Da Ros mansion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What impact does the attack by the light-skinned Mexican and his friend have on América?

2. What is the topic of conversation at the first gathering at Arroyo Blanco Community Center?

3. Why does Delaney dislike Kenny Grissom?

4. Why does América knock on the front door of her employer's home in the middle of the workday?

5. What does Dominick Flood do when the fire breaks out? How do we know?

6. What are the interactions between América and Candidó like after he returns from being beaten?

7. Describe Candidó's and América's experiences at Canoga Park.

8. What is the general message of Delaney's column, "Pilgrim at Topanga Creek"?

9. What does Delaney overhear at the Arroyo Blanco Estates community center?

10. Describe the relationship between América and Candidó.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

América eventually finds work at the labor exchange. What sort of work does she find? Do you think this particular form of work is ironic for América? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the experience of Candidó and América in the first part of the book from the point at which Candidó is hit by a car to the point at which he is recovered from his injuries. What is it like for them to be living in the United States? What are the advantages and disadvantages of their current living and employment situations?

Essay Topic 3

The coyote reappears numerous times throughout this work. What does the coyote symbolize according to the narrator and to Delaney? How does Delaney's understanding of coyotes also relate to his understanding of Mexican immigrants?

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