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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Candidó pray to when he hears people coming to his campsite?
(a) Jesus Christ.
(b) His dead mother.
(c) Virgin Sagrada.
(d) His dead wife.

2. What jerks Delaney out of his flashback?
(a) A coyote capturing the family dog.
(b) His wife crying for help from the swimming pool.
(c) The food on the grill burning.
(d) A sudden thunderstorm.

3. In what languages does Delaney speak to the accident victim?
(a) English and French.
(b) Spanish and English.
(c) Sign language and spoken English.
(d) Portuguese and Mandarin.

4. Osbert is what type of animal?
(a) Coyote.
(b) Cat.
(c) Dog.
(d) Snake.

5. Who approaches América and tells her that she is looking for cleaning work?
(a) Her long lost sister.
(b) Resurrección.
(c) A white lady.
(d) Kyra.

6. Where does América go to seek work?
(a) The labor exchange.
(b) A Mexican restaurant.
(c) A daycare.
(d) A real estate office.

7. How much does the man with a ponytail charge Candidó for staying in a room for two nights?
(a) Twenty dollars.
(b) Two hundred dollars.
(c) Fifty cents.
(d) Nothing.

8. Which of the following would Kyra like to live in someday?
(a) Arroyo Blanco Estates.
(b) The Da Ros mansion.
(c) The Manzoob house.
(d) Mexico.

9. What does Candidó buy for his wife with his earnings?
(a) Maternity clothes.
(b) Beer.
(c) Makeup.
(d) A fancy necklace.

10. Who flatters Delaney by praising his magazine column?
(a) Jack Cherrystone.
(b) Al Lopez.
(c) Dominick Flood.
(d) Jack Jardine.

11. What do América and Candidó fight about before she goes to the labor exchange?
(a) Candidó does not want her looking for a job.
(b) América's ability to speak English.
(c) América's pregnancy.
(d) Candidó's drinking problem.

12. Which of the following does Candidó notice about one of the boys who attacks his campsite?
(a) Candidó recognizes him from his childhood.
(b) He has red hair.
(c) He is dressed in a suit and tie.
(d) He looks just like Candidó.

13. How does Candidó know his wife has been attacked?
(a) She is bleeding profusely.
(b) She tells him.
(c) She has welts on her.
(d) She has frightening nightmares.

14. According to one resident, three Mexicans disguised themselves as what to get past the gate of Arroyo Blanco Estates?
(a) Carpet cleaners.
(b) Painters.
(c) Lawn workers.
(d) Delivery men.

15. Who presides over the meeting at the Arroyo Blanco Community Center?
(a) Jack Jardine.
(b) Kyra.
(c) Delaney.
(d) Jack Cherrystone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Delaney do after lunch with Kyra?

2. Why is Kyra dissatisfied with her appearance?

3. Where does Candidó decide to look for work after the labor exchange has been torn down?

4. Who does Delaney call from Li's Market?

5. Who eventually hires América for housecleaning work?

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