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Delaney's car - This object is damaged when it hits a pedestrian.

Bag of tortillas - Candidó carries this object when he is struck.

Opossum - This is eaten by Candidó's family when Candidó is a child.

Candidó's mother's corpse - This is sealed in glass and scares a young Candidó by telling him to go to the devil.

Delaney's Column - This appears in a nature magazine called "Wide Open Spaces."

Arroyo Blanco Community Center - This is a white stucco building with an orange tile roof and features a kitchen, a wet bar, a stage, a P.A. system, and seating for two hundred people.

Sacheverell - This is killed by a wild coyote.

The gate - This structure is the subject of contention between the residents of the Arroyo Blanco Estates subdivision.

BEANERS DIE - This is written on the rocks...

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