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Chapter 1-2

• Becky is on her way to tutor Adelaide Bevan.

• Becky and her family were forced out of their home country of Razkavia when she was three years old.

• A man approaches Becky asking if she knows Miss Bevan.

• Miss Bevan offers to pay Becky double if she plays games with her instead.

• A bomb explodes outside the villa.

Chapter 2

• J. Taylor explains that he has been looking for Adelaide for ten years.

• Adelaide was once a servant of Ms. Holland. One evening, the father of Mrs. Goldberg died, and Adelaide disappeared.

• J. Taylor and Becky go to Orchard House and meet Mrs. Goldberg.

• Becky tells Taylor and Mrs. Goldberg about Razkavia and the important nickel mines.

Chapter 3

• The Prince, Jim, and Goldberg discuss who they think set off the bomb.

• Jim hires an Irish gang to guard the Prince's villa.

• They see a man buy the...

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