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Mr. Arana

This character does not treat his wife well, abandons her for stretches of time, and has many girlfriends. He is an absent father to his son, the Slave, and blames his wife for his son's faults.

Ricardo Arana

This character, in terms of the machismo of Peruvian society, is a degenerate. Faced with the bravest boy in grade school, "he was not afraid. . .all he felt was a complete discouragement and resignation." He is known in the novel as “the Slave.”


This character, a rich white kid from Miraflores, intends to survive the Academy with good marks and in good standing with his peers. Based on these goals, he willingly accepts the thankless role of Brigadier of the first section for all three years. He allows The Circle liberty and simply goes with the flow. In the end, he leads the coup against the Jaguar...

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