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Part 1, Chapters 1-4

• The Time of the Hero opens at night during a meeting of The Circle—a gang of four cadets in their final year of the Leoncio Prado Academy led by the Jaguar.

• Their clubhouse is "the windowless latrine" and they are rolling the dice to see who will steal the answers to the chemistry exam.

• This criminal act sets off a violent chain reaction although The Circle intended only to pass an important exam a mere two months before graduation.

• Cava, a peasant, rolled the four, meaning he must make arrangements on behalf of The Circle with those cadets on duty to grant him anonymous passage to the academic building.

• Later that night, while the Poet and the Slave (forced to take Jaguar's place), who are members of the same section as The Circle, are on patrol; Cava goes forth to steal the exam.

• While...

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