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Téa Obreht
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10: “The Crossroads” and Chapter 11: “The Bombing”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to rescue Natalia and Zora when they are detained at the customs border in Chapter 6: "The Fire"?
(a) Zora's father.
(b) Natalia's mother.
(c) Zora's grandfather.
(d) Natalia's grandfather.

2. What animal that was rescued from a circus does Natalia's grandfather take her to see at midnight when she is sixteen in Chapter 2: "The War"?
(a) A cobra.
(b) A chimpanzee.
(c) An elephant.
(d) A sea turtle.

3. How far does Fra Antun tell Natalia that Zdrevkov is from the orphanage in Chapter 5: "The Orphanage"?
(a) Two hours' drive.
(b) An hour's drive.
(c) Three hours' drive.
(d) A twenty-minute drive.

4. Where does Luka go in order to pursue life as a musician in Chapter 7: "The Butcher"?
(a) Vrgovac.
(b) Zobov.
(c) Sarobor.
(d) Brejevina.

5. Lake Verimovo is described in Chapter 6: "The Fire" as being fed by what river?
(a) The Moldova River.
(b) The Amovarka River.
(c) The Siret River.
(d) The Trotus River.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is described as helping Luka's fiancee escape to be with the man she loves instead of marrying Luka in Chapter 7: "The Butcher"?

2. The Deathless Man reveals to Natalia's grandfather that the woman he loved was once what, in Chapter 11: "The Bombing"?

3. Who accompanies Luka as he returns from the mountain carrying the fallen blacksmith's gun in the beginning of Chapter 7: "The Butcher"?

4. During wartime, how are the students' classrooms rearranged at Natalia's school in Chapter 2: "The War"?

5. In what year does Natalia say "without declaration or warning, German bombs started falling on the city and did not stop for three days" in Chapter 4: "The Tiger"?

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