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Téa Obreht
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Reality vs. Fiction

The Tiger's Wife is set in an imaginary country in the Balkans. However, the events, history, ethnic groups, and wars closely resemble those of former Yugoslavia. Develop a project which compares the settings in the novel to real-life places and historical events.


Without using words, students are to come to the front of the class and pantomime the actions of a scene. This is particularly useful when studying Action, and Objective. Students should mime out the physical embodiment of what each person is doing to another.

Web Page

Students may create a web page that details the characters, themes, and settings in the novel. Students may choose images of actors, real people, historical images, etc. to depict what they have interpreted from the work.

Letter from a Character

Ask students to write a letter from one person to another in the novel. What do...

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