The Tiger's Wife Character Descriptions

Téa Obreht
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This is the book's narrator and the protagonist in the most present-day of its three plot lines. While her age is never explicitly defined, there is the sense that she is in her early to mid thirties. She is a doctor.

Dr. Leandro

This character is the grandfather of the main protagonist and narrator. He is portrayed as strong willed, independent, determined, and a fighter. He wants to live, and he wants other people to live, and apparently fights until his very last moments to ensure this happens.

The Tiger's Wife

This character appears in the second of the book's three narrative lines. She is deaf and mute, and as such, she is easily and frequently manipulated, hurt, gossiped about, and abused.

The Deathless Man

This character appears in stories related by the grandfather in the novel. He never ages and claims to have been given the ability...

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