The Tie That Binds: A Novel Character Descriptions

Kent Haruf
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Sanderson Roscoe

This character is the narrator of the story.

Edith Goodnough

This character cooks, cleans, and works a vegetable garden.

Roy Goodnough

This character is hard, hateful, and mean.

Lyman Goodnough

This character leaves home and doesn't return for twenty years.

John Roscoe

This character goes wild for a while, spending too much time in bars.

Rena Pickett

This character creates tickets for imaginary trips to various places.

Mavis Pickett

This character is married to the story's narrator.

Bud Sealy

This character is the county sheriff.

Leona Turner Newcomb Roscoe Cox

This character marries three times.

Hannah Roscoe

This character is a grandparent to the story's narrator.

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