The Tie That Binds: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kent Haruf
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Chapters One through Three

• Sandy Roscoe is working in a corral when he is approached by a newspaper reporter with some questions about Edith Goodnough.

• The reporter asks Sandy whether the fire at the Goodnoughs was intentional - Sandy chases the man off his property.

• Sandy admits that some of the facts in the Denver Post article about the Goodnoughs were true, but others were incorrect.

• Sandy talks about Roy Goodnough marrying Ada Twamley in Iowa and the couple building a homestead in Colorado.

• Roy Goodnough is said to have hated being dependent on anyone for anything.

• The Goodnoughs took a plot of land near Hannah Roscoe and her young son, John.

• Ada and Roy had two children - a daughter, Edith, and a son, Lyman.
• Edith and Lyman worked on the farm instead of finishing school.

• In 1914, Ada became ill and died - she wished to be...

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