The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Multiple Choice Test Questions

Sogyal Rinpoche
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"Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama"

1. Who discusses his views in this opening chapter?
(a) Buddha
(b) Arthur Greenslade
(c) Sogyal Rinpoche
(d) The Dalai Lama

2. What ideas does the Dalai Lama discuss in this opening chapter?
(a) Views on life and death
(b) Views on marriage
(c) Views on the perfect relationship
(d) How a person should live their life.

3. How does the Dalai Lama claim a person can minimize the consequences of death?
(a) By confronting it
(b) By looking for happiness
(c) By becoming a Buddhist
(d) By turning to God

4. What does the Dalai Lama see death as?
(a) Unnecessary
(b) The beginning of a person's life
(c) Contentment
(d) A natural, acceptable process

5. What should a person have at the point of death?
(a) Open eyes
(b) Their family
(c) A karmic state of mind
(d) Contentment

6. Who does the Dalai Lama praise as a master of the Tibetan tradition?
(a) John Lennon
(b) Gandhi
(c) Buddha
(d) Sogyal Rinpoche

7. What does the Dalai Lama state Rinpoche is a student of?
(a) Eastern education
(b) Western education
(c) Buddhism
(d) Psychology

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