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Cixin Liu
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is shot, injured, and taken to the hospital during the conflict in Chapter 24, "Rebellion"?
(a) Shi Qiang.
(b) Lei Dafeng.
(c) Lei Zhicheng.
(d) Xu Bingbing.

2. Who is discovered to have been murdered in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?
(a) Yang Dong.
(b) Shen Yufei.
(c) Bai Mulin.
(d) Yang Weining.

3. Wei Cheng reveals that his research on the three-body problem is similar to what method in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?
(a) The Monte Carlo Method.
(b) The Prediction Method.
(c) The Turgensy Method.
(d) The Einstein Method.

4. How many stable configurations has Wei Cheng's algorithm uncovered for the three bodies, according to the narrative in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?
(a) More than 150.
(b) More than 250.
(c) More than 100.
(d) More than 200.

5. When did Leonardo da Vinci live?
(a) 1564-1642.
(b) 1452-1519.
(c) 1624-1700.
(d) 540-500 BC.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the coffee shop where Wang goes to meet the other players in Chapter 18, "Meet-Up"?

2. What warning is repeated several times in the first message that Ye Wenjie receives from an extraterrestrial in Chapter 23, "Red Coast VI"?

3. With whom does Wei Cheng describe his wife having argued with in the past in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?

4. In what industry is Mike Evans's father said to work in Chapter 27, "Evans"?

5. What weapon did Wei Cheng's wife threaten to kill him with if he did not stop his research in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who builds the Second Red Coast Base? Why?

2. What is happening when Wang logs onto the Three Body game in Chapter 17, "Three Body: Newton, Von Neumann, the First Emperor, and Tri-Solar Syzygy"?

3. What happens after Shi Qiang barges in on the meeting in Chapter 24, "Rebellion"?

4. How is the setting of the Three Body world described when Wang logs on in Chapter 19, "Three Body: Einstein, the Pendulum Monument, and the Great Rip"?

5. Why does Ye Wenjie choose to respond to the message she receives in Chapter 23, "Red Coast VI"?

6. How are the Stable Eras and Chaotic Eras on Trisolaris explained in Chapter 15, "Three Body: Copernicus, Universal Football, and Tri-Solar Day"?

7. What does Ye Wenjie's discovery involving "energy mirrors" mean for her work in Chapter 22, "Red Coast V"?

8. Why does Cheng say he is being threatened in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?

9. What argument does Cheng describe overhearing between Pan Han and his wife in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?

10. How do the circumstances at the Red Coast Base change when the new commander arrives in Chapter 26, "No One Repents"?

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