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Cixin Liu
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning is repeated several times in the first message that Ye Wenjie receives from an extraterrestrial in Chapter 23, "Red Coast VI"?
(a) "Reply immediately!"
(b) "Send help!"
(c) "Do not answer!"
(d) "Prepare for war!"

2. What does a woman claim the spheres are that make up the three-body problem model in Chapter 24, "Rebellion"?
(a) Radiators.
(b) Telescopes.
(c) Nuclear bombs.
(d) Radio transmitters.

3. When did Ye Wenjie begin testing on strengthening transmissions from Earth by using the sun, according to the narrative in Chapter 22, "Red Coast V"?
(a) 1982.
(b) 1976.
(c) 1971.
(d) 1962.

4. When did the name "three-body problem" begin to be commonly used?
(a) The 1740s.
(b) THe 1820s.
(c) The 1620s.
(d) The 1550s.

5. In what industry is Mike Evans's father said to work in Chapter 27, "Evans"?
(a) In the oil industry.
(b) In the timber industry.
(c) In the coal industry.
(d) In the gold industry.

6. On what date does Ye Wenjie confess to having killed two people in the document from Chapter 25, "The Deaths of Lei Zhicheng and Yang Weining"?
(a) March 16, 1975.
(b) October 21, 1979.
(c) January 12, 1978.
(d) July 23, 1982.

7. For what reason does the narrator describe Ye Wenjie accepting her marriage proposal in Chapter 23, "Red Coast VI"?
(a) Because her family forced her to marry.
(b) Out of gratitude in his having saved her life.
(c) Out of fear for reprisal.
(d) Out of gratitude for his having taken her from her family.

8. What word from Chapter 28, "The Second Red Coast Base" means to make an idea or cause widely known?
(a) Emulate.
(b) Emigrate.
(c) Corrugate.
(d) Promulgate.

9. Where was Copernicus born?
(a) Royal Prussia.
(b) Ukraine.
(c) Great Britain.
(d) France.

10. Who set China's Cultural Revolution into place?
(a) Emperor Youchao.
(b) Emperor Fuxi.
(c) Chairman Mao Zedong.
(d) President Xi Jinping.

11. What is Ye Wenjie's respons when Wang Miao asks her why the Lord is so afraid of nanotechnology in Chapter 24, "Rebellion"?
(a) Nanotechnology could lead humans to discover their planet.
(b) Nanotechnology could lead humans to war.
(c) Nanotechnology could lead humans to the discovery time-continuums.
(d) Nanotechnology could lead humans to more space construction.

12. How many years go by with Evans working to confirm the truths of Ye Wenjie's story in Chapter 28, "The Second Red Coast Base"?
(a) Seven.
(b) Five.
(c) Three.
(d) 12.

13. Where is the Mount Wilson Observatory located?
(a) London, England.
(b) Los Angeles, California.
(c) Phoenix, Arizona.
(d) Paris, France.

14. When did Galileo live?
(a) 1564-1642.
(b) 1624-1700.
(c) 1711-1777.
(d) 1602-1659.

15. What is the mean radius of the Earth's sun?
(a) 362,450 miles.
(b) 332,250 miles.
(c) 982,450 miles.
(d) 432,450 miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what district does Wang Miao go to meet the other players in Chapter 18, "Meet-Up"?

2. What is the planet that is the focus in the Three Body game?

3. Who leads the soldiers that set upon the meeting of the Three Body players in Chapter 24, "Rebellion"?

4. With whom does Wei Cheng describe his wife having argued with in the past in Chapter 16, "The Three Body Problem"?

5. What civilization is said to have proven that there is no solution to the three-body problem in Chapter 19, "Three Body: Einstein, the Pendulum Monument, and the Great Rip"?

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