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Cixin Liu
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "NATO" stand for?
(a) The Nuclear Alternatives Testing Organization.
(b) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
(c) The National Academy for Technological Order.
(d) The National Astrophysics Treaty Organization.

2. What did Ye Wenjie study in college?
(a) Astrophysics.
(b) Biology.
(c) Chinese literature.
(d) Chinese history.

3. Who launched the Planck satellite, according to the narrator in Chapter 9, "The Universe Flickers"?
(a) The United States Space Agency.
(b) The European Space Agency.
(c) The Chinese Space Agency.
(d) The Russian Space Agency.

4. What does Captain Shi Qiang admit to Wang Miao in the beginning of Chapter 10, "Da Shi"?
(a) He admits he is a spy for the CIA.
(b) He admits he has been following Wang.
(c) He admits to having had an affair with Wang's wife.
(d) He admits that he has been hired to kill Wang.

5. What are the May Seventh Cadre Schools described as in the Translator's Note in Chapter 3, "Red Coast I"?
(a) Schools for disabled children.
(b) Labor camps for Communist re-education.
(c) Private boarding schools for the elite.
(d) Overseas schools for students studying foreign affairs.

6. What is the central focus of the book Silent Spring?
(a) The separation of church and state.
(b) Environmental degradation.
(c) The development of Capitalism.
(d) The history of Communism.

7. Ye Wenjie discovers in college that it is useless to excel at theory without what in astrophysics?
(a) An understanding of ratios.
(b) Existential understanding.
(c) Historical understanding.
(d) Experimental practice.

8. What is the computer systems called that Ye Wenjie uses to keep an eye on enemy spacecraft and operations in Chapter 12, "Red Coast II"?

9. Who is the director of the Division Political Department that interviews Ye Wenjie in Chapter 2, "Silent Spring"?
(a) Director Cheng.
(b) Director Zhang.
(c) Director Wen.
(d) Director Lin.

10. What is the furniture made of that Wang examines at Ye Wenjie's home in Chapter 8, "Ye Wenjie"?
(a) Tree branches and stumps.
(b) Stone and metal wiring.
(c) Brass and gold.
(d) Silver and jade.

11. Where does Ye Wenjie awaken in the beginning of Chapter 3, "Red Coast I"?
(a) Inside the Red Coast Base.
(b) At the school.
(c) On a helicopter.
(d) At her father's house.

12. What word refers to the branch of technology dealing with manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale?
(a) Geometry.
(b) Neurobiology.
(c) Astrophysics.
(d) Nanotechnology.

13. How old was the girl that is described as being gunned down while waving a flag in Chapter 1, "The Madness Years"?
(a) 15.
(b) 19.
(c) 12.
(d) 13.

14. Whom did Ye Wenjie marry?
(a) Ruan Wen.
(b) Yang Weining.
(c) Yang Dong.
(d) Bai Mulin.

15. Who is the Political Commissar introduced to Ye Wenjie in Chapter 3, "Red Coast I"?
(a) Bai Mulin.
(b) Yan Weining.
(c) Lei Zhicheng.
(d) Cheng Lihua.

Short Answer Questions

1. What satellite is launched at the Red Coast in Chapter 12, "Red Coast II"?

2. What types of centers does Captain Shi Qiang describe all around the world and working together in Chapter 10, "Da Shi"?

3. For how long had the Red Union "been attacking the headquarters of the April Twenty-eighth Brigade" when Chapter 1, "The Madness Years" begins?

4. To what team is Ye Wenjie transferred that picks up and analyzes radio signals in Chapter 12, "Red Coast II"?

5. What was the profession of Fu Lei?

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