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Cixin Liu
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: "Sunset for Humanity," Chapters 29-35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term does Mike Evans use to describe his support for animal rights in Chapter 27, "Evans"?
(a) "Pan-Species Communism."
(b) "Pan-Species Naturalism."
(c) "Pan-Species Idealism."
(d) "Pan-Species Culturalism."

2. What civilization is said to be lost when the scorching sun arrives in the game in Chapter 11, "Three Body: Mozi and Fiery Flames"?
(a) Civilization 141.
(b) Civilization 311.
(c) Civilization 242.
(d) Civilization 99.

3. Who listens in on Ye Wenjie's interrogation in Chapter 30, "Two Protons"?
(a) Director Zhang.
(b) Wang Miao and Ding Yi.
(c) Political Commissar Lei Zhicheng.
(d) Xu Bingbing and Rachel Carson.

4. For how long had the Red Union "been attacking the headquarters of the April Twenty-eighth Brigade" when Chapter 1, "The Madness Years" begins?
(a) For two days.
(b) For four days.
(c) For six days.
(d) For two weeks.

5. What scientific paper is presented to Ye Wenjie as one that she wrote in 1966 in Chapter 3, "Red Coast I"?
(a) "The Possible Existence of Phase Boundaries Within the Solar Radiation Zone and Their Reflective Characteristics."
(b) "Focus Series on Density Matrix Reformalization."
(c) "Fluctuation-induced Transport, from the Very Small to the Very Large Scales."
(d) "Ergodic-nonergodic Transition in Tapped Granular Systems: The Role of Persistent Conacts."

Short Answer Questions

1. What word refers to the branch of technology dealing with manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale?

2. What warning is repeated several times in the first message that Ye Wenjie receives from an extraterrestrial in Chapter 23, "Red Coast VI"?

3. What two elements compose the majority of the sun?

4. What does "SETI" refer to in the narrative?

5. Where does Ye Wenjie describe the Chinese Academy of Science's Space Environment Observation Center in Chapter 8, "Ye Wenjie"?

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