The Three-Body Problem Character Descriptions

Cixin Liu
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Wang Miao

This character is a nanomaterials expert and a protagonist in the contemporary timeline of The Three-Body Problem. He discovers the virtual reality game Three Body and through it, learns of the planet Trisolaris.

Ye Wenjie

This character is the main focus in the flashback portions of the novel. She is an astrophysicist. Following the brutal death of her father at the hands of Tsinghua High School students during the Cultural Revolution in China, she was exiled to the countryside. She eventually came to work at the Red Coast Base, where she monitored radio signals looking for extraterrestrial life.

Shi Qiang

This character is a military veteran-turned-police detective and the head of law enforcement for the Battle Command Centers.

Chang Weisi

This character is a Major General in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He oversees the mission to take down the ETO.

Shen Yufei

This Chinese-Japanese scientist...

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