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Short Answer Questions

1. When Ben accepts the order to kill Horn, what happens to him?

2. Who hired the Southern man?

3. What does Ochs find out when he receives an exciting phone call after meeting with Ben a second time?

4. What was the Southern man's profession?

5. Where was the Southern man from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Ochs sent to Long Island?

2. Describe Ben Toy's profession.

3. When Ochs returns to Long Island, what information is he given?

4. What causes Ochs to be unhappy during his final meeting with Ben?

5. When Ochs returns to Nashville after visiting Ben Toy, who does he have a meeting with, and why?

6. What news does Ochs receive while bathing in his hotel room?

7. What happens that causes readers to become more aware of the emotional state of Ben?

8. What makes the Southern man so mysterious in the story?

9. How does Berryman get assigned the job to assassinate Jimmie Lee Horn?

10. Who works on the Bowditch ward at the William Pound Institute, and why is this person important to Ochs's investigation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Johnboy Terrell is killed at the end of the story. Readers don't find out who his murderer is. What could the lack of knowledge about who kills Johnboy lead readers to feel? Do any particular characters in the story come to mind as to who Johnboy's killer is? Cite examples from the text in order to justify your response.

Essay Topic 2

Ochs is writing a book the events that led to Horn's assassination; the story will also reveal the true murderer. Ochs already knows a vast amount of information on Horn due to his research as well as the articles he has written on Horn. How does Ochs describe Horn? What could Ochs's opinion of Horn mean for his investigation? Is he biased due to his previous following of Horn and his career?

Essay Topic 3

In Part 2, Ochs receives a phone call with news that excites him as well as causes a dramatic incline in the story. What news does the phone call bring him? Why is he excited? Could the call help Ochs's investigation? Cite examples from the text in order to justify your response.

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