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Short Answer Questions

1. On what holiday does an assassination take place?

2. What project is Ochs working on?

3. After vising New York, where does Ochs go next?

4. Who does Ochs visit the day after he investigates Berryman's apartment?

5. What is Jimmie Lee Horn's profession?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Berryman get assigned the job to assassinate Jimmie Lee Horn?

2. Why is Ochs sent to Long Island?

3. What does Ben Toy inform Ochs Jones about Thomas Berryman's last job when he was hired as a hit man?

4. Who is Johnboy Terrell and what is his relationship with the Southern man?

5. When Ochs returns to Nashville after visiting Ben Toy, who does he have a meeting with, and why?

6. What does the reader find out is the plot of the story after reading the Prologue?

7. How does Ochs's opinion of Ben change from his first interview to his last?

8. In Part 2, why does Ochs return to Long Island, and what information is he given?

9. What happens that causes readers to become more aware of the emotional state of Ben?

10. What is Ochs Jones investigating when the story begins, and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Part 4, Ochs receives a letter from a customs inspector. What does the letter say? What is the connection between the information in the letter and Berryman's visit to New York City? Cite examples from the text in order to justify your response.

Essay Topic 2

In Part 5, Martin Weesner is introduced, but only survives one scene. What was Martin's role in the story? How did he become involved with Joe Cubbah? What was the result of his involvement with Cubbah? Justify your response by using examples from the reading.

Essay Topic 3

In the Prologue, readers find out that Jimmie Lee Horn was the first black mayor of Nashville, Tennessee. Horn was killed during a rally on the Fourth of July. Does the race of Jimmie Lee Horn have any impact on what readers may think is the reason he was assassinated? Does the mention of Horn's race cause readers to jump to conclusions since it did not necessarily have to be acknowledged so quickly?

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